Dental patient inserting her Invisilign orthodontic appliance, like the orthodontic services provided by AKJ Dentistry in Lubbock.

Orthodontics, most commonly associated with braces, corrects problems with the jaw and bite and fixes crowded, misaligned, protruding or crooked teeth. For a healthy bite and beautifully straight smile, AKJ Dentistry is your trusted orthodontist in Lubbock.

The Basics of Braces

Orthodontic treatment focuses on fixing malocclusion, which occurs when the upper and lower jaw fails to meet correctly when the mouth is closed. Some of the issues caused by this condition include crooked teeth, gaps between the teeth, overlapping teeth, and difficulty speaking and/or chewing. Over time, malocclusion can create an increased risk for tooth decay, gum disease, and excessive erosion.

Individuals diagnosed with a bad bite can choose between several orthodontics and braces types depending on the specific adjustments required:

  • Traditional braces consist of metal brackets affixed to the teeth and held together with wires and bands. Over time, the bands are adjusted to correct alignment.
  • Invisible braces fit over the teeth for pressure-based adjustment. These devices are ideal if you prefer indetectable braces.
  • Retainers are prescribed alone or after treatment with braces. These removable devices hold the teeth in their proper position.
  • Palate expanders widen the upper jaw. These devices are used when the mouth cannot comfortably accommodate a full set of adult teeth.

What is a good age to get braces? Ideally, children affected by malocclusion should receive treatment around age 12. In the early teeth years, the adult teeth have fully emerged, but the jawbone has not completely developed. Adults who need orthodontics often require an extended period of braces compared to children who have similar bite issues.

Choosing AKJ Dentistry for Orthodontics

We pride ourselves on a thorough approach for children and adults with bite issues that affect the function and appearance of teeth. When you visit us for your initial appointment, we'll start with a full set of x-rays along with modeling and photography to diagnose the specific type of malocclusion and recommend an appropriate course of orthodontic treatment.

We'll make sure you're aware of the treatments and results expected at each stage of the process and confirm that the treatment plan aligns with your aesthetic goals. Our patients appreciate our customized approach to dental care and the level of care we provide during each and every visit.

Whether you're seeking straight teeth for yourself or concerned about your child's bite, contact the team at AKJ Dentistry for an orthodontic consultation. We look forward to helping you resolve the symptoms of jaw misalignment so you can feel comfortable and confident with your smile.