Model of tooth helping dentists explain the process of fillings, like the services provided by AKJ Dentistry in Lubbock.

When a tooth develops a cavity or a crack, this can often lead to tooth decay. When this happens, it's necessary to remove the damaged area to halt further decay. (Too much decay or damage may cause an extraction to be necessary.)

Once the decay or damaged area is removed, we repair the tooth with a modern composite filling.

What is a composite filling?

Many of us may recall gold and silver fillings (also known as "amalgam") of the past. Those methods have been long surpassed with modern technological advancements in new white composite filling material.

White composite fillings are much safer than outdated metal-based fillings and provide a much more natural appearance. Another benefit is that the material can be adjusted to more closely match the specific color of the tooth being repaired. Importantly, composite fillings are much stronger and more durable than the older style of fillings.