Dental patient receiving consultation for dental implants like the services provided by AKJ Dentistry in Lubbock.

Delivering Results That Make You Smile

We all cherish our teeth, it is not uncommon to become self-conscious about losing a tooth. This concern can lead to fewer smiles, which affects one's overall well-being.

AKJ Dentistry's team of experts understands this reality and takes pride in giving our patients a reason to smile with new implants that complete your grin and provide you a healthy bite.

Are You a Candidate For Implants

People often wonder if they are the right candidate for dental implants. Though we will perform a complete assessment at the time of your consultation, you may find it helpful to review the following criteria that support positive implant outcomes:

  • Healthy gingival tissues
  • Adequate bone density
  • Good dental health
  • Non-Smoker
  • Controlled diabetes

With an overall state of well-being, paired with the highest quality of dental professionals, you are well on your way to enjoying a successful dental implant process.

More Than Aesthetics

At AKJ Dentistry, we want our patients first to understand that their dental implants do more than fill a space for appearance's sake. Your original bite was formed over years of development, and it was based on a complete set of teeth. Though you may not notice a difference when one tooth is missing, your jaw does, causing teeth to meet up unevenly.

When you choose to replace teeth that are missing, you are helping to reestablish your bite, which minimizes the risk of unnecessary wear on the rest of the teeth. More than just a pretty smile, you are helping your teeth stay in good health throughout your lifetime.

Helping Patients Lead Healthy Lives

Many people would like to establish an ongoing relationship with a dentist in Lubbock TX, but they hold off on scheduling dental care due to concerns about how much does a tooth implant cost, and the expenses of other general oral healthcare services. Dedicated to offering an array of affordable routine services, AKJ Dentistry also provides affordable dental implant packages.

Begin yourjourney toward health today and call AKJ Dentistry to find your best smile for years to come.